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Encompass Medical Group offers all major PPO and HMO plans in addition to Medicare and Tricare.

If elective hospitalization is needed your doctors will arrange for your admission to the hospital best suited to meet your health plan needs in accordance with contract held by your health plan and the local hospitals here in East County San Diego.

See the inserted graphic below that reveals that either Alvarado Hospital Medical Center or Grossmont Hospital can accept almost any HMO plan.

Hospital HMO Contract Guide
Hospital (PacifiCare/SH, BC, BS, Cigna, HN) Alvarado Medical Center
Hospital (Sharp, BC, BS, Cigna, HN) Grossmont

The exceptions are: I ) PacifiCare and Secure Horizons cannot be admitted to Sharp Grossmont Hospital, and ii.) Sharp health plan and Blue Shield cannot be admitted to Alvarado Hospital Medical Center. This information is subject to continual contractual changes. Please check with your doctor’s office for more information.

Of course if you require emergency hospital services, please go to the nearest hospital emergency round or call 911.