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To your Health

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

The health care professionals at Encompass Medical Group will share their medical expertise with you, provide you with the highest quality healthcare, and hope that you'll take responsibility for working toward the healthy lifestyle that is so important to your well-being. A completely healthy lifestyle can be a difficult goal for some, but we believe that everyone can achieve the benefits and happiness derived in making meaningful efforts to step closer to a healthier life.

Here are some important steps you can take toward better health:

We would like everyone to be involved in a quest for a healthier lifestyle. Everyone who joins our practice should start by having a complete physical exam followed by periodic check-ups to test for specific diseases as necessary.

Our doctors look forward to working with you as your family doctor, and provide you with access to an entire panel of specialists and or hospital care as your needs indicate.

Your doctor is your best ally. Each of our providers is well trained and committed to maintaining your health. We encourage you to develop a relationship with your doctor because your health is so important. We believe that your Family Physician can develop a closer knowledge and understanding with you and your entire family to help you help achieve better health, prevent illness, and help you work through the health care delivery system. We encourage you to contact your doctor whenever you'd like to talk about anything you think may be affecting your health. It's our hope that we can have a relationship where the lines of communication are open and that the communication goes both ways. Talk to us about your health. Your Encompass doctor will listen to you to help you live the satisfying life that you deserve.